by Mark Wardell

Thank you to all those who helped to make the Chiswick Timeline launch such a fun event.

My teenage kids learned more about their local history in half an hour this lunchtime, than their lifetime of me banging on about it. F M

Inspired and inspiring. Magically Borgesian.  Lifts the spirits. Thanks so much. P C

We were most deeply impressed by the Chiswick Timeline, mounted so much larger than life size, along the abutments of the Turnham Green Station railway bridge. It’s a fantastic achievement, a great success by any measure of public interest and acclaim. It was wonderful to see so many people taking such a keen interest in the history of Chiswick, set out in maps and pictures, on a grand scale. What a wonderful day, we really enjoyed ourselves.

Wow, what a wonderful day. Wonderful to see families studying the maps, pointing favourite places and family homes out to their children and thoroughly enjoying the occasion. Wow, what a wonderful crowd. Wow, what an ambitious project, and what a wonderful achievement. Hearty congratulations. J M

Commemorative book

BUY ONLINE or copies are available at Foster’s Bookshop, 183 Chiswick High Road. London W4 2DR.

Art trail

Follow this art trail to see the views of Chiswick as shown in art from the Chiswick Timeline. Download the art trail flyer.

The Last Panels

Installing Panels

Before Installation

Manufacturing the Mural

Project progress