1962 Geographers’ A-Z

Geographers’ A-Z Map, 1962

The A4 – the Cromwell Road Extension – was extended from Kensington through Chiswick, and in 1959 the flyover, “a wonder of the modern age,”* was built over the Chiswick Roundabout to ease the congestion caused by 40,000 cars a day. Hollywood sex symbol Jayne Mansfield opened it, declaring it a “sweet little flyover.” The A4 effectively sliced Chiswick into two, cutting much of Chiswick off from its river. For those driving westwards out of London, the junction at Sutton Court Road still provides the last traffic light until you reach Wales.

In 1969 another flyover would be put up as a temporary measure over the Hogarth roundabout, near the ferry on Church Street (still visible in this map) and initially intended to be in place for only five years. From there the Great Chertsey Road (now the A316) cut another major traffic thoroughfare through the area, further slicing up Chiswick.

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* Val Bott

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