Abundance draws up a detailed proposal for the mural and consults with councillors, local groups and residents.

Transport for London says it doesn’t like the green walls – maintenance would probably require access from the trackway – but gives us permission to do the mural. We consider abandoning the project, but decide that green walls aren’t that environmentally friendly anyhow, and that we are still keen to do the mural.

Karen says the river should flow along the whole length of the area. Sarah says that the river curves too sharply at Chiswick. Karen says can’t we stretch it. Sarah says no, but she tilts the perspective very cleverly so the Thames still flows along the length of the available space.

Abundance asks TfL for funding. TfL says it is impoverished. As Karen and Sarah come out from the meeting at TfL’s Victoria HQ, they see the Evening Standard headline – TfL (via Mayor Boris Johnson) will give £30million to the Garden Bridge.

Abundance London submits its proposal for funding to London Borough of Hounslow. It gets absolutely no response. After several months, Abundance tells TfL that sadly it is unable to proceed.

Artwork and maps