Spring 2018 London Landscapes

The official launch was ‘by all accounts a vibrant and well-attended event.” “This remarkable work new work of public art… The artists reponsible for the Chiswick Timeline project are Sarah Cruz, Karen Liebreich and Karen Wyatt, who together form Abundance London… Between them they have a breadth of design, horticultural, educational, community engagement and financial expertise. [It] has been a truly collaborative community project.

When I visited the mural, I saw people of all ages looking and pointing out landmarks on the various panels. It is an ingenious combination of a beautifully executed work of art, perfectly sited in a public place, and an educational tool that will surely benefit the local community and encourage people to explore the area around them.’

8 February 2018 Mapping London “The great thing about this concept, is it can likely be applied to any bridge abutment that needs livening up, in any part of London. The city has a huge abundance of old maps, and a great many railway bridges too.”

1 February 2018 – London Art and Food The opening celebrations are organised with taste and flair. There are two interactive art projects, both clever and inspiring, attracting scores of enthusiastic participants…. should Noah build a modern ark to preserve couples from all nationalities in the world, he need look no further than Chiswick… This certainly puts Chiswick on LAAF’s Summer Tours map.

30 January 2018 – Your Local Guardian Chiswick celebrates its Timeline

22 November 2017 – Evening Standard, Sir Peter Blake reveals Sgt Pepper’s inspired tube mural   Sir Peter Blake: “The mural is a great project – it’ll be a landmark work of art and I’m looking forward to seeing it.”

Autumn 2017 – Official Quarterly Magazine of the Max Miller Appreciation Society, full page article on Peter Blake’s Empire House

17 September 2017 – Keeping Things Local  A journey through time: “We hope Chiswick will love it.”

14 September 2017 Our Patch  A cartographic marvel on a giant scale, mapping Chiswick’s evolution from empty fields to grids of streets will be unveiled soon. Tim Harrison meets the project’s visionaries.

13th June 2017 – Chiswick Calendar. Sir Peter Blake on his new montage of the Chiswick Empire theatre. Crowd of hundreds watches as Sir Peter pulls out the winning ticket.

21st May 2017 – Evening Standard Chiswick residents raise £100k to transform ‘ugly’ railway bridge with mural documenting area’s history. “The area is truly truly ugly.”… “the group had been touched by the way the community had got behind the project.” “I think it is because this is something we are doing ourselves, within the community, as opposed to it being done to us.”

15th May 2017 – Daily Telegraph Name 55 of these stars to win a collage print by Sergeant Pepper pop art legend Peter Blake. “Now, 50 years since the album was released, the pop artist who designed it has a new challenge for music fans.”

4th May 2017 – Chiswick Herald Peter Blake Celebrates the Empire Theatre Chiswick in New Collage

2nd May 2017 – Chiswick Buzz The Time is Now for the Chiswick Timeline. Interview with Karen & Sarah

30th March 2017 – Chiswick W4

29th March 2017 – Chiswick Herald

23rd January 2017 – The Chiswick Calendar

Artwork and maps