A trip to TfL headquarters in Southwark to meet – finally!!! – with the man who has all the answers to our many questions about vitreous enamel, the material of choice for our big mural. Tony Kirby from Links Signs seems slightly aghast at our ambitious plans, but soon enters into the spirit of things. His furnace can take 3m x 1.5m mild steel sheets, so we start working out how many we’ll need and how they will join up. Tony tries to ‘manage our expectations’, Sarah tries to work out in which order to bake the inks, and Karen starts doing frantic sums on the back of an envelope to see how much more money we will have to raise. Meanwhile Kieran (Hounslow) wonders about traffic management and ongoing maintenance, and Ann (TfL) makes notes about infrastructure.

I hate to share a thought with President Trump but (as he noted yesterday) this is much more complicated and much harder work than I thought it would be!

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