Sarah and Karen drove down to St Leonards, to the Links Signs factory, which is our preferred supplier. It is a family firm, run by two brothers, James and Tony Kidby. Sarah played pantone matching colours with James, while Tony showed Karen how hard you have to swing a hammer to smash a VE panel.

Then we went into the factory proper and gasped at the first sample panel that Links had created in vinyl so that we could get an idea of the size. We had only previously seen our designs on an A4 sheet, or a computer screen, so we were completely blown away to see it life size. It was so big! And so bright! Then James strode off into the distance to show us how far away the other end of the artwork would be once all the panels were ready.

James Kidby, Sarah Cruz and Tony Kidby trying to work out how high the mural will be once it is installed.

Artwork and maps